Xinjiang Agricultural Fourth Division E-government intranet

The Fourth Agricultural Construction Division of the Production and Construction Corps (hereinafter referred to as the Fourth Agricultural Division) is to carry out the mission of cultivating and garrisoning the frontier, to undertake the tasks of production, combat and task forces, to develop, build, stabilize the frontier and consolidate the role of frontier defense.
The project of comprehensive wiring of Party and government e-government Intranet in the farm of the 4th Division of Agriculture includes 61 regiments, 62 regiments, 63 regiments, 64 regiments, 66 regiments, 67 regiments, 68 regiments, 69 regiments, 70 regiments, 71 regiments, 72 regiments, 73 regiments, 74 regiments, 75 regiments, 76 regiments, 77 regiments, 78 regiments and 79 regiments.
The project adopts six types of shielding system in Pu'ao Fan, six types of shielded twisted pairs in horizontal part, six types of shielded jumpers in working area and six cores of multi-mode OM30,000 Mega optical fibers in main cadres.