Integrated wiring

Excellent environmental quality

PROUVON scientific laboratory, the gathering of many leading wiring engineers in the wiring industry, with advanced equipment and excellent resource allocation management, depending on the quality of the company's survival, adhere to the "excellent environmental protection" as the core of quality. Bringing together the wisdom and professional technology of the peak, it creates excellent international quality. In strict accordance with international standards, we are committed to maintaining high standards and high reliability through continuous product innovation. With strong R&D strength, advanced manufacturing processes, demanding testing standards, and sophisticated inspection equipment, we are committed to serving customers worldwide with superior quality. PROUVON's manufacturing facilities around the world have been certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) quality system, which means that the entire process from product planning to product delivery completion, follow-up service - always in quality monitoring In line with the widest international standards. Through strict requirements for itself, not only the transaction costs and quality costs of customers are reduced, but also high-quality products and services meet and exceed the quality requirements of ISO9000. In addition to the ISO quality system certification, PROUVON is also convinced that every company must shoulder the social responsibility of protecting the environment. All products of the company are in compliance with the international standard ISO14001 and various environmental regulations. All products and services meet and exceed recognized industry standards, including UL444, YD/T1019-2001, ISO/IEC11801, EN50173, and EIA/TIA568, with additional quality requirements for special industries.

Successful cooperation

PROUVON has won several important cabling projects around the world, such as Vodafone's German headquarters, German BMW, Germany's Mercedes-Benz, and fiber-to-desktop cabling at Siemens' headquarters in Germany. Although PROUVON has not entered the Chinese market for a long time, with its excellent product quality, PROUVON has won the favor of Chinese users and won the bid in many projects, including China Telecom Network Management Center. AsiaInfo China Ltd., China Unicom Computer Room, Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank Branch and so on. At present, PROUVON develops the Chinese market with a positive attitude and sets up a marketing headquarters in Beijing, China, responsible for the sales and service of the PROUVON wiring brand in China. Like other markets, Chinese customers are looking for great products that are worth the money. PROUVON responds quickly and promptly to the ever-changing network cabling market, continuously improving product quality and service, and providing international and comprehensive services and support for Chinese users. Cooperate and communicate with users in various fields in the Chinese market to achieve a win-win and win-win development, and become a global strategic partner to enhance higher development space.

Historical mission

PROUVON stands on the standpoint of professionalism and customer benefit, providing excellent and reliable products, solutions and professional services at reasonable prices, so that customers get the best economic return. PROUVON will be your best innovative partner in standardized cabling, communication products and systems. Over the years, we have created a product of superior quality based on the business philosophy of working together, lean manufacturing, sustainable operation and customer first. And service is an eternal goal. In order to promote the communication and cooperation between China's wiring technology and the world's peers in this field, and promote the development of the world wiring system technology and standards to make due contributions.