Six types of solutions

Six types of engineering design, technical questions and answers about shielded wiring system, wiring common problems.

Six types of engineering design

In August 2002, the European Standards Association and the International Electrotechnical Association introduced six categories of standards. Then the screen of the Category 6 wiring was officially opened.

According to relevant research data, before the promulgation of Category 6 standards, the integrated wiring was mostly Cat5e, and Cat6 wiring was not 10% of the total wiring. After the 6 standards were issued, the new integrated wiring was mostly Cat6. From less than 10%, it has risen to more than 70%; although users are still using 100M copper to switch to the desktop, the Category 6 channel is designed for Gigabit network applications.

As we all know, Ethernet technology is closely related to wiring technology. In fact, three and five twisted pairs can also support Gigabit applications. The five types are used to support Gigabit applications. The cable uses all four pairs of twisted pairs to work in full-duplex mode and uses 5-level coding; to overcome the loss of various types of signals running in the Category 5 line and the surrounding environment. The three types must use more powerful coding to support Gigabit applications. In order to handle a large number of encodings, it is inevitable to use complex digital processing (DSP) technology in switching equipment, and the overall cost of the switching equipment must be It will be very expensive.

Therefore, the transmission performance of the channel is improved, the transmission of signals at a high frequency is ensured, the Gigabit network application is achieved with a simpler coding, and the cost of the switching device is reduced, and the cost investment of the user is also reduced.

It can be seen from the above that in the design of integrated wiring, it is not a simple combination of subsystem components, but a premise of providing a high-performance channel to ensure user Gigabit network applications.

The PROUVON Category 6 cabling solution builds a high-performance Category 6 channel with its high-quality components and the perfect matching of each component to provide users with long-term Gigabit applications.

1, the work area subsystem

The work area has two components, a jumper and a communication socket.

For jumpers, PROUVON provides a 7-conductor soft jumper for the work area jumper, which exceeds the ANSI/TIA/EIA 568B-2.1 requirements for Category 6 and supports 500 MHz (typically 250 MHz) bandwidth applications, and 7 The stranded conductor soft jumper has a smaller bending radius and is adapted to a narrower working area.

For communication sockets, the PROUVON Category 6 communication socket is a new type of driver-in connection. Its pins are all 50 micron thick plating process, and the gold-plated contacts are fully terminated to ensure a breakthrough in performance. Closed design for hidden protection of cable terminations. The above process design ensures long-term and good reliability and very stable transmission performance.

2, horizontal subsystem

In field engineering, the horizontal subsystem is a key part of the entire project. The horizontal cable should be connected to the communication socket after passing through the ceiling, the dark pipe in the wall or the raised floor. It also bears the influence of temperature and other pipelines; as the transmission speed increases, the coding becomes more and more complicated. Under the combined influence of this factor, the bit error rate will increase and the performance of the whole system will be large. discount. Therefore, the choice of horizontal cable takes a crucial role.

In the development of six types of horizontal cables, PROUVON relies on the strong technical strength to design a horizontal cable that perfectly matches the electrical characteristics of the six types of communication sockets, so as to improve the transmission performance of the channel, which is also the "remaining amount" of PROUVON. The core content of the concept of compensation. Under the guidance of this concept, the PROUVON Category 6 horizontal cable exceeds the standard by more than 15% at 250MHz. Individual indicators even exceed the standard by one (100%) or more, such as: ACR (Attenuation Crosstalk Ratio), PSACR ( Power and attenuation crosstalk ratio), PSELFEXT (power and equivalent far-end crosstalk), RL (return loss), DELAY (transmission delay) and other indicators. Such performance indicators are second to none in the market.

In addition to cable performance requirements, as people pay attention to building fire safety, the fire rating requirements for cable jackets are also attracting attention.

When electricity is discovered and utilized, people have always used halogen-containing polymers as insulation layers for wires. Most of the current six types of wires are insulated layers and fireproof protective layers using a halogen-containing polymer such as polyvinyl chloride or fluorinated ethylene. However, they have a disadvantage in that when the temperature reaches 150 ° C or higher, HCL gas is generated, accompanied by a large amount of smoke. HCL is a highly toxic gas. As long as a small number of people are inhaled, it is fascinated. When a fire occurs, people are unable to judge the situation because of the brain damage caused by inhaling toxic gases, and people are lost because of the large amount of smoke on site. So missed the first time the fire broke out from the scene of the fire.

Therefore, more and more countries or regions, especially Europe and North America, have passed strict legislation to gradually ban the use of halogen-containing polymer, replaced by halogen-free, environmentally friendly low-smoke halogen-free glue. Material (LSOH). The insulating layer and the fireproof layer containing no halogen element will not generate toxic gas when burning, and only a small amount of smoke. When a fire occurs, people will escape from the fire scene or send a distress signal waiting for rescue in the first time. However, since the material of the cable sheath does not contain halogen, its ignition point is much lower than that of the halogen-containing polymer, and its fire rating is equivalent to CMX or CM.

PROUVON has strong technical strength and innovative R&D philosophy. It has made great progress in the fire protection grade of LSOH, and developed a variety of fire-rated LSOH products, such as: CMP grade, CMR grade, CM grade LSOH six twisted pair The line can meet the requirements of the fire rating of buildings in different users.

3. Management subsystem

PROUVON provides a modular six-type patch panel in the management subsystem. Its internal pins adopt the same processing method of communication sockets, 50 micron gold-plated contacts, better conduction performance, guarantee performance breakthrough, and can be backward compatible. Five types of products.

For inter-management jumpers, PROUVON offers a 7-seater conductor soft jumper that exceeds the ANSI/TIA/EIA568B-2.1 requirements for Category 6 and supports 500 MHz bandwidth applications, and the 7-strand conductor soft jumper has more Small bend radius for small spaces such as standard network cabinets.

4, vertical subsystem

The PROUVON all-fiber diamond cabling solution is selected for the vertical subsystem. The OM3 indoor multimode 6-core cable supports future 10 Gigabit applications.

5, equipment room system

The PROUVON Category 6 cabling solution in the inter-device subsystem is similar to the application subsystem.

6, the building group subsystem

The PROUVON fiber cabling solution product is selected in the building group subsystem. The OM3 outdoor multimode 12-core fiber optic cable or outdoor single-mode fiber optic cable is convenient for future 10 Gigabit applications.

In summary, the PROUVON Category 6 cabling solution, with its high cost performance, is the best choice for users for future Gigabit applications.