Pu Ao Fan combines Ethernet online power (PoE) solution with HP OpenView

source: Pu Ao Fan | time:2018-08-29
The project is located in the northeast corner of the new district of Huimin District, Hohhot City. The east side is the Binhe Park on the north side of the channel, the south side is adjacent to the Genghis Khan Street, the west is the Workers and Peasants' Road, and the north is adjacent to the North Second Ring Road. The total construction land area of the project is 163,667 square meters, and the land area for this project is 81,108 square meters. The total construction area is 149,686 square meters (including the above-ground construction area of 120,230 square meters and the underground construction area of 29,456 square meters). The building height is 97.35 meters and the plot ratio is 1.48.

There are 12,436 information points in this project, including 4,560 unshielded information points in the external network, 3,429 shielding information points in the internal network, and 4,447 non-shielded points in the voice.