Cabinet socket power distribution unit                                        



Product overview 

PROUVON PDU modular products are mainly used in various 482.6 mm (19 inch) standard cabinets and non-standard cabinets, as well as electronic and electrical professional equipment in high-tech fields. Customers can choose relevant modules to customize according to specific requirements. The socket standard of this product meets BS1363, with 3-meter cable connector plug; 


Product characteristics:

Socket standard: BS1363; 08 output unit number: 7 bits;

Power input mode: left input or right input; 09 installation mode: positive installation;

Cable Connection Plug: BS1363; Control Function: Signal Indicator Lamp;

Colour: Black or white cable connection wire specification: 3 x 1.5 mm 2 x 3 M

Rating value: 10A/250VAC, maximum 13A; 012 maximum load power: 4KW;

Plastic Flame Retardant: UL94V-0 Class 013 Shell: Aluminum Metal Profile;

Protection function: No.

When in use, please untie the power cord, so as not to generate induced charges and cause abnormal heating of the power cord.

Do not use in damp places;

Don't put it in the place where children come into contact.

All plugs should be inserted into the jacks and should not be exposed.

The total power of the appliances should not exceed the rated power.

Do not open the base without authorization. If necessary, contact professionals or companies.  



PDU power supply (1U, 8-bit socket 16A compatible 10A socket)